How To Use Ultrasonic Cleaners Effectively? Find Out Here!

October 26, 2020
Acacia Crossley

In recent years, the drive for good hygiene has become increasingly important. However, it is not always that easy to make sure that your objects are clean and contamination-free. This is why so many people are turning to ultrasonic cleaners, but not everyone knows how to use their ultrasonic cleaner properly, so here we are to tell you how.

How Does An Ultrasonic Clearer Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner works by using sound frequencies that can not be heard by humans to clean objects. The sound waves move the liquid in the tank to form bubbles that then collide with your chosen object, forcing any germs, dirt or other contaminating elements to fall off.

While the ultrasound waves themselves do get rid of any dirt on your objects due to the wave force, you will also need to include certain cleaning solution in order to make your ultrasonic cleaner properly work.

What Are The Benefits?

Consistent Cleaning

With an ultrasonic cleaner, at just the press of a button, you can be guaranteed a deep clean every time. This means that you get to have jewellery cleaned to be as good as new without having to put in any effort.

Cost Effective

Due to how an ultrasonic cleaner works, you are able to deep clean multiple items at one time meaning that you are able to save on the amount of time you spend, as well as on the various amount of cleaning solutions you may buy if you were cleaning the object by hand.

This is ideal for those hard to clean tool parts that need a good clean that you can not provide.

Due to the small motor that ultrasonic cleaners use, the machine itself can function with little power and thus does not consume as much energy as other complex cleaning machines may use, saving you money in the long run if you plan on needing to deep clean items often.

How To Properly Use A Ultrasonic Cleaner?

So you have your ultrasonic cleaner and the items you want to deep clean lined up ready to go. But now what? How do you use the machine to get the best clean possible for the objects you have chosen?

De-gas Your Machine

This is something that should be done every time you go to use your ultrasonic cleaner and every time you put in new ultrasonic cleaning fluid to get rid of any gasses that may be in your cleaning fluid, so that the ultrasonic waves can properly form the correct bubbles.

De-gassing your cleaning fluid is easy enough to do and can be done while you are waiting for your machine to warm up to the right temperature. All you have to do it raise the temperature up to the heat you need and wait for bubbles to stop rising to the top of the tank.

Some machines already come with a built-in degassing function, while others require you do the process manually.

Fully Submerge Your Items

Some users make the mistake of only partly submerging their items in fear of their object being too fragile for the machine or not being sure if it will be cleaned properly. The great thing about ultrasonic cleaners is that while they use a forceful method to fully clean your chosen items, they are also fairly gentle so will not damage your item.

Do not be afraid of the cleaner and make sure that your items are completely covered by the cleaning fluid in the tank so that you can get the best use out of your machine.

Even though you should make sure that your items are fully covered, it is also important to keep them from touching the bottom of the tank, as this would ruin the effectiveness of the machine itself. Some people do this by using a stainless steel basket to submerge their items or by dangling your item on wires over the tank and then dunking them.

Both methods are just as effective, as long as you are able to fully cover your chosen items in the tank. You could also use your hands or a pair of tongs to keep your item submerged if it is too light to stay in the cleaning fluid, but be sure to wear protective gloves as you will irritate your skin by dunking your hand into the liquid.

The Correct Temperature

Be sure not to rush into your cleaning as soon as you turn on your ultrasonic cleaning machine, as they need time to warm up and get to a hot enough temperature to fully decontaminate your items. If you do not wait for your machine to heat up then you will find that your items will not get the deep clean that you desire.

You will have to check both the machine and your selected cleaning fluid to see what the optimal temperature is for both of these components to work best as each brand will vary.

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