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Best Paper Shredders – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Rexel Auto-feed – Manual feed – Cross cutting – 4 digit pin – Versatile – Easy to transport High-End Lowest Price Here!
Aurora 18 litre bin – Cross cut capabilities – Safety shut-off – 12 sheets – Castors for transport Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!
Fellowes Shreds staples – Versatile – Compact – 12 litre bin – P-4 security – Reverse function Affordable Lowest Price Here!

Top 3 Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders are excellent products for home and office use. Whether you only need to shred a couple of bills now and again to prevent potential identity fraud or you are in an office that requires the use of a shredder on a daily basis, a paper shredder will make sure it cuts up paper that will make it very hard for people to see what was written on it before. Unfortunately, there is always a risk of identity fraud if certain bills or letters fall into the wrong hands so it’s always the best option to stay safe, and opt to buy a paper shredder to stop that from happening. Depending on the paper shredder you choose and how much you pay for one, will ultimately depend on how good of a job it does in terms of destroying paper.

You will also need to consider how much you are going to use one, as if you are only likely to shred paper on a monthly basis then opting for a more affordable paper shredder will better suit your needs. But if you are in an office environment then it’s always worth investing in a higher-end product that you know you can trust will be able to shred paper in bulk on a daily basis. If you are currently on the lookout for a paper shredder but you are not really sure which one to buy from the thousands of products on the market, have a look at the following three which are three of the most popular.

Rexel Auto+ 500X Review – Our Number 1

Rexel AutoThe Rexel Auto+ 500X Cross Cut Shredder (lowest price here!) is one for the office because of its high-end features and expensive price. It certainly isn’t one for the home unless you are a regular user and have your own home office, but it will definitely do the job you need it to. This product was designed to be as secure as possible which is why it comes with cross cutting capabilities, and of course a 4 digit pin security lock that provides additional security. Have a look at some of the other features this product provides:

  • 80 Litre capacity – This product comes with a huge 80 litre shredded paper capacity which is easy to empty once full. It also comes with a handy viewing window so you can see when it’s time to empty.
  • Auto jam clear – This product senses when there is a jam and it will automatically reverse the shredding to unjam it. This means you do notRexel Auto have to do anything in terms of opening it up to remove paper manually if it does get blocked.
  • Auto-feed feature – The auto-feed feature is a great addition to this paper shredder as you will be able to add up to 500 pieces of papers and it will automatically feed itself, so you can go off and get on with your work rather than waiting for a while for it to finish.
  • 4 digit pin – The 4 digit pin technology was introduced to ensure the whole shredding process is secure from start to finish. This means that if you wanted to use the auto-feed feature, you can simply set a digit pin on it and walkaway knowing no-one will be able to access it whilst it’s doing the job it’s supposed to.
  • Manual feed – The product comes with the auto-feed feature for bulk shredding requirements but if you just need to shred a few pieces of paper, you can use the manual feed to do that.
  • Cross cut capabilities – To provide even more security, this product has cross cut capabilities meaning the paper will be cut into small pieces like confetti.
  • Versatile – Not only is the product good enough for paper shredding, but it’s also very versatile and powerful enough to cut up CDs and credit cards.

This product is very expensive and would only be suited to those looking to add one to their office knowing it is going to get regular use. With all of the security features it provides and its powerful motor that can shred other materials such as discs and credit cards means it is a sure winner in the professional office paper shredding market. This product should definitely be considered if you have an office filled with people looking to shred regularly.


Features: Auto-feed – Manual feed – Cross cutting – 4 digit pin – Versatile – Easy to transport

Pricing: High-End

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Aurora AS1023CD 12 Sheet Review – Number 2

Aurora AS1023CDIf you are looking for something a little more basic when it comes to shredding paper, the Aurora AS1023CD 12 Sheet Paper Shredder will be able to offer you that experience. The product itself comes with a few features that will make shredding easy, and thanks to its ability to shred up to 12 sheets of paper at a time makes it very efficient. This product is great for home users as it provides an excellent cutting experience and if you are looking for a new shredder for home use, have a look at some of the features this product provides:

  • 18 litre bin – The 18 litre bin is more than enough for home use especially if you only use on a weekly basis. The bin works as a drawer so you can easily take it out and empty when it gets full.
  • Cross cut capabilities – This product offer cross cut capabilities so it will ensure your paper gets shredded into tiny pieces that can’t be used as identity fraud.
  • Safety shut-off – The safety shut off function will automatically operate as soon as there is a blockage.
  • 12 sheets – This product allows you to shred up to 12 pieces of standard sized paper at a time so you can be sure you aren’t feeding the product constantly.

This paper shredder is perfect for home use and for users who do not use a shredder regularly. It comes at a fraction of the price as some of the other paper shredders on the market so you can be sure you are going to get all the features you need for a good price. You should definitely consider this shredder if you are looking for a basic shredding experience at home.


Features: 18 litre bin – Cross cut capabilities – Safety shut-off – 12 sheets – Castors for transport

Pricing: Mid-Range

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Fellowes Powershred P-35C Review – Number 3

Fellowes Powershred P-35CThe Fellowes Powershred P-35C Cross-Cut Paper Shredder will definitely give all of the other paper shredders on the market a run for their money thanks to its overall price and the basic features it provides. Have a look at some of the features this basic shredder from Fellowes comes with:

  • P-4 Security – This product shreds paper to P-4 security standard thanks to its cross cutting technology. This means the paper is so small it would be near on impossible to get any data from it.
  • Reverse function – The simple reverse function can be used if there is a blockage or you feel you have put too much paper in it to shred at once.
  • Staple shredder – It doesn’t matter if you forget to take the staples out of your papers as this shredder will be able to go through them with ease thanks to its powerful technology.
  • 12 Litre bin – The 12 litre bin provides ample room for plenty of shredding’s so you won’t have to empty on a regular basis.

In conclusion, this product pretty much offers it all in one low price so you can be sure you are getting excellent value for money. If you aren’t interested in spending over the odds on a paper shredder because you know it’s not going to get a lot of use, have a look at this one and all of the features it provides.


Features: Shreds staples – Versatile – Compact – 12 litre bin – P-4 security – Reverse function

Pricing: Affordable

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All three products above are perfect for a multiple of reasons and ultimately depends on the users needs. But if we had to pick the best one out of the three it would obviously be the Rexel Auto+ 500X Cross Cut Shredder. Even though it is the most expensive option, it is the perfect option for professional offices thanks to its many features such as the auto-feed and the cross cutting capabilities it provides.

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