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Best Cement Mixers For Sale – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Electric Portable Cement Features: 120L Capacity – 15 Inch Opening - – 33RPM – Electric – Portable – Affordable/Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!
CLARKE Features: Lightweight – Compact – Foldable Wheels – 30 Litres Per Load – Strong Material – Easy To Use – Large Drum Wheel. Mid-Range Lowest Price Here!
Belle Features: Thermal Overload Protection – Quick Mix Paddles – Extra Thick Drum – Compact – Petrol – 130 Capacity High-End Lowest Price Here!

Top 3 Cement Mixers For Sale

Cement mixers are designed to mix cement with other substances like water, gravel and sand in order to create concrete. Concrete is the most popular man made materials to date and it has been used to create buildings ever since the days of Ancient Rome. Concrete is fairly easy to work with, so it is a good choice for DIY projects as well as more professional building project’s.

It is possible to make concrete without a cement mixer, but cement mixers really speed up and simplify the process. You may think that the only people who would need to buy a cement mixer would be builders or contractors, but if you are embarking on a moderate DIY building job you may actually find that it’s cheaper to buy and resell/reuse a cement mixer rather than hiring one for a single job or paying a third party to do the mixing for you.

If you are looking to buy your own cement mixer than there are a few things you’ll need to think about. How much volume does the mixer need to have? Do you want to use electric or petrol? What is your budget? How many mixing blades do you need?

Feeling confused yet?

We understand that DIY can be intimidating and you might not even know what you’re meant to be looking for yet, so that’s why we are here to help with these three detailed reviews of great cement mixers which are available to buy right now!


Electric Portable Cement Review – Our Number 1

230v Electric Portable CementThis electric portable cement mixer (lowest price here!) is a great choice for small scale building projects like pathways and driveways. Read on for a full list of features!

  • This cement mixer has a 120L drum capacity which is fine for smaller projects. Keep in mind that the actual capacity is always less than the stated capacity because the drum can’t be filled all the way, so you’re really looking at two thirds of 120.
  • This cement mixer features a 15 inch opening which makes it easier for you to load and unload materials without spilling them everywhere.
  • This cement mixer has a 33rpm drum speed. This means that the drum will rotate 33 times per minute. You may assume that a faster rpm is better than a slower rotation, but drums which rotate too quickly don’t tend to produce the right consistency. 33rpm is a good speed which should make it easy for you to make create good quality cement.
  • This cement mixer is an electric model which comes with 230 voltage and  550 wattage. Buying an electric model is easier than doing everything by hand, plus you will avoid any unpleasant petrol fumes.
  • This cement mixer is portable and can be transported around your site pretty easily. It weighs 44kg so it’s not exactly light, but its far more manageable than most other mixers.
  • The Electrical Portable cement mixer is easy to assemble and comes with an instructions manual so beginners don’t have to feel intimidated and confused.



Features: 120L Capacity – 15 Inch Opening – – 33RPM – Electric – Portable –

Pricing: Affordable/Mid-Range

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CLARKE 30LTR MINI Review – Number 2

CLARKE 30LTR MINI CEMENT MIXERThis easy and lightweight cement mixer is great for first time DIY projects and smaller jobs. Read on to find out more.

  • This cement mixer weighs just 39 kg and it comes with rubber wheels which makes it easier to move the mixer around your site if you don’t have fancy transportation equipment not huge muscles.
  • This Clarke 30LTR cement mixer is a compact model and it comes with foldable legs which makes it even easier to store. This is a good cement mixer for areas where space is limited and space saving is high on your list of priorities.
  • The Clarke cement mixer can mix 30 litres of cement per load which should be fine for smaller jobs.
  • This cement mixer is made out of robust steel which has been chosen for its longevity.
  • The Clarke cement mixer comes with a clear off switch which will ensure you never leave the mixer on by mistake.
  • This cement mixer features a large drum wheel which is super easy to use.



Features: Lightweight – Compact – Foldable Wheels – 30 Litres Per Load – Strong Material – Easy To Use – Large Drum Wheel.

Pricing: Mid-Range.

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Belle Minimix Review – Number 3

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand...This cement mixer is compact, durable and extra thick. Read on to find out more.

  • This cement mixer comes with full thermal overload protection which will protect your motor in the event of an overload or failure.
  • The Belle Minimize comes with quick mix paddles to help speed up the process so you can get on with your construction job.
  • This cement mixer has been designed to last and it comes with an extra thick drum and a heavy duty sealed cast gearbox
  • The belle Minimize is compact in size and should be suitable for home use. It weighs around 60kg which may not sound light, but it is pretty lightweight and easy to transport in comparison to some of the larger mixers on the market.
  • This is a petrol powered mixer which means you won’t need to worry about finding a power source to plug it into. You have more choice over where you can use the mixer with petrol.
  • The Belle Minimize has a max drum capacity of 130 litres. Most cement mixers can’t be filled to maximum capacity , but 2/3rds of 130 litres is still a very decent size.



Features: Thermal Overload Protection – Quick Mix Paddles – Extra Thick Drum – Compact – Petrol – 130 Capacity.

Pricing: High-End.

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These cement mixers are all capable of doing a good job, but one of these mixers offers a little more for your money. We would recommend the Electric Portable Cement and Concrete Mixer (120L) for smaller projects because it has a 15 inch opening, a 120L capacity, a 33rpm drum capacity which is all you need for a smooth mix, it’s fairly lightweight and easy to transport, and it’s easy to assemble at home.

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