JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review - Is It Worth Your Money In 2020 - 2021?

There has never been a better time to get into at home exercising. With the nights growing longer and the weather growing colder, staying at home has become more and more appealing.

Keeping up your fitness can be easy nowadays because of at home work out equipment. Whether you like to train on an exercise bike or treadmill, there is an option out there for you.

Just because getting to the gym has become less appealing does not mean you need to stop working out altogether. An at home rowing machine can be a great addition to your at home fitness routine.

JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

The JLL R200 is a home rowing machine that comes at an extremely affordable price. You will not mind spending so much time at home with the JLL R200 to keep you company.

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour


The JLL R200 home rowing machine comes with a host of features that include:

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour


Assembly of the JLL R200 is extremely easy. All of JLL's products weigh less than 23 kg, which makes them very easy to move around.

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour

The instructions that come with this rowing machine are simple to read and understand. The instruction manual is split into manageable sections with diagrams and explanations.

You will be able to assemble the JLL R200 rowing machine alone and it should not take more than 30 minutes. This will save you extra money as you will not have to pay someone to assembly the rowing machine for you.


The JLL R200 rowing machine comes with ten different levels of magnetic resistance for the user to choose from. Level one is the lightest resistance and level ten has the strongest resistance.

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour

Fitness equipment with magnetic resistance tends to generate less resistance than other corded models, however the JLL R200 is different. The magnetic resistance in this rowing machine can generate a rather large amount of resistance for such an affordable machine.

You can select the levels or resistance via the dial knob on the main frame of the machine below the display. Since the dial knob is within arms reach, you do not have to unstrap your feet to reach it, which is a nice feature.

This home rowing machine incorporates a belt driven system to help the rowing machine move fluidly. This also ensures that the machine is quiet, which is vital if you live in a shared house or a flat.


This particular model of rowing machine can fold, which means that it can me stored away easily and does not take up much space. When extended, the rowing machine is 180 cm in length and when it is folded up, it is only 71 cm long.

Folding the machine up is very easy. Simply unscrew the knob on top of the seat rail and then pull the side adjustment knob to release the rail.

After that, lift the rail until it clicks into place and re-screw the first knob underneath the rail in order to secure it into the upright position.

You can also choose to fold down the rear leg of the rail if you would like.

To make storing away the rowing machine even easier, it is fitted with transport wheels. These wheels make it easy to move around your home if you need to put it away after every use.

The seat rail is constructed with aluminium in order to keep the rowing machine as lightweight as possible. While this makes the rowing machine a breeze to move around, it means that it can only support users up to 100 kg in weight.


The JLL R200 home rowing machine comes with a moulded foam padded seat. It is very comfortable, especially considering the affordable price of this piece of fitness equipment.

The seat is also fitted with a set of dual rollers which makes the seat motion very fluid and comfortable while mowing.

The handle bar is ergonomic; it is covered in padded foam and feels comfortable in your hands.

The footplates of the JLL R200 home rowing machine are coated with an anti slip finish to keep your feet from slipping. The Velcro straps make it easy to jump on and off the machine which is important if you are doing a circuit exercise.


The JLL R200 home rowing machine features a large LCD display that makes it easy to see all the pertinent information when you are working out.

There are seven functions to choose from on the LCD display including total count, calories, stroke rate, count, distance, time, and scan.

Switching between different functions on the screen is simple and only requires you to push one button. If you hold down the one button, you will reset all of the settings to zero.

The display does not include a lot of bells and whistles that you may find with more expensive models, but it gets the job done. It tracks basic metrics and for an affordable machine, it displays quite a lot.

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour



JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour


JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine FAQs

Here are some questions and answers to frequently asked questions about the JLL R200 home rowing machine.

How noisy is this home rowing machine?

The JLL R200 is surprisingly quiet. Rowing machines in public gyms are much louder than this home rowing machine.

Does this rowing machine come with programmed workouts?

This particular rowing machine does not come with pre programmed workouts. It does feature a lot of different resistance levels so that you can switch things up.

Will the JLL R200 scratch my floors?

Customers have not complained about this home rowing machine scratching floors. If you are worried about this, however, you can purchase an affording rowing machine floor mat.

What to Look for in a Home Rowing Machine

Working out on a rowing machine is a great way to get a low impact cardio workout. Indoor rowing has grown popular because of its strength and cardio combination.

The best way to test a rowing machine is to try it out at a gym or shop first. If that is not possible, make sure it has specific features that you absolutely will want.

When looking for a rowing machine, there are several different aspects to consider before making an investment.

Noise Level

Rowing machines can be quite noisy, but newer, more modern models have found way to cut down on noise production.

Make sure you go with a low noise level rowing machine if you live in shared housing or a flat, as you will want to make sure you do not disturb your neighbors while you work out.


As with any piece of large fitness equipment, there will be some type of maintenance that will need to be preformed at least on a semi regular basis.

Machines that have a lot of detachable parts are typically easy to fix since you can replace one part instead of the entire machine.

A machine that includes complicated components like a chain and fan will need to be fixed professionally.

If you go with a water rower, keep in mind that you will need to change or clean the water periodically; this will not need to be done with a fan rowing machine.

Size and Storage

Rowing machines can take up a lot of floor space, so if this is an issue for you, it is best to go with a foldable model.


Like any piece of at home fitness equipment, rowing machines can come with additional features so that you can further customise your workout routine.

When looking for a rowing machine, make sure that it has a comfortable seat. While you are using the rowing machine, you will be sitting for an extended period of time, so make sure that the seat is comfortable and fits your body.

Having to constantly adjust yourself on an uncomfortable seat takes away from your workout. It takes away from your performance and focus, and makes rowing a less enjoyable activity.

Also ensure that the seat is far enough off of the ground to easily get on and off. If the seat is too low to the ground, this can be difficult.

At home rowing machines come with adjustable foot straps that keep your feet in place while you row. Make sure that the straps are adjustable enough to keep your feet nice and snug while you row.

Checking the foot straps before you buy is especially important if you happen to have smaller or larger than average feet.

When it comes to rowing machines, there are different resistance options to choose from.

If you are looking for a smooth rowing experience, go with machines that use water or air resistance.

Some rowing machines do not even have adjustable resistance; the resistance just changes on how hard you pull the bar. Others, like the JLL R200 home rowing machine have different resistances levels that you can set and change throughout the duration of your workout.

All rowing machines are fitted with an ergometer, which measures how much energy is expended throughout your workout. There are a lot of options out there for different dashboard stats that can be shown on the rower's display.

Some models will show basic stats like power or metres rowed; if you are a beginner, this kind of display should be sufficient for your needs.

More experienced rowers may want other display stats. More high tech machines can display more in depth tracking options for those who are looking for a more comprehensive workout.

The more money you are willing to spend, the more add-ons you can expect to get on a home rowing machine. For example, more high end models will have bigger screens or monitors.

Others will have additional attachments that will allow you to stream your workouts online. If these add-ons are of interest to you, you can contact the rowing machine company before you buy.

More and more rowing machines these days come with smart features. These include pre programmed workouts, streaming capabilities, WiFi connection, Bluetooth connection, and heart rate monitors.

Personal Workout Goals

Before you buy a rowing machine, you must first determine your personal workout goals.

For example, if you want to tone muscles, you should opt for a hydraulic rower because it will let you choose from different resistance levels.

If your goal is to lose weight, most types of rowing machines will be suited to you. Maybe consider a rower that comes with pre set programmes.

Also, you must think about how many people will be using this personal rowing machine. If you alone will be using it, of course tailor the rower to you own specific needs and desires.

If others in your household will be using the rower, you must of course take them into consideration. Make sure that everyone who will use the rowing machine falls into the weight restrictions for the seat.

All of these features can enhance your rowing experience and may be important to you, depending on what kind of rower you are.

Types of Rowing Machines

There are four different types of home rowing machines available on the market today; each of them use a different type of resistance.

Air Rowing Machines

Air rowing machines generate their resistance using a flywheel that rotates within a cage on the body. If you let more air into the cage, more resistance is generated.

If you close the cage, the resistance is lowered. Your power output is based on the speed of the flywheel and the cage setting.

On air rowing machines, it is better to use a lower resistance setting so that you do not make your muscles too tired too quickly.

Air rowing machines are the most common rowing machines on the market today. They are the most noisy of all the rowing machines, so if this is a concern of yours, choose a different type.

Hydraulic Rowing Machines

Hydraulic rowing machines are sometimes referred to as piston rowing machines. They are typically the most affordable option.

These rowing machines use two hydraulic pistons to generate resistance. They are usually the smallest rowing machines available and are the easiest to store away when not in use.

The downside to hydraulic rowing machines is that the range of movement is typically limited to an small arc that will not offer the health benefits of more expensive models.

Water Rowing Machines

Water rowing machines are designed to mimic the feeling of real water rowing.

They utilise large filled tanks and paddles in order to create resistance. They are quiet and usually made of wood, which makes them appealing to the eye.

The downside to water rowing machines is that they are typically quite expensive and have fewer customisability options than other models do.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

Magnetic rowing machines, like the JLL R200 are extremely quiet and can also be manually adjusted using either a slide lever or a digital console depending on the model.

One disadvantage of magnetic rowing machines is that they do not offer the powerful resistance that air or water models do.

Magnetic rowing machines offer a flat level of resistance that can sometimes make it more difficult to achieve muscle gains when compared to other models.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable rowing machine, look no further than the JLL R200. It comes at a low price point and can be folded up and stored away with ease when it is not in use.

If you are a beginner at rowing, this is definitely the machine for you. It provides the user with plenty of resistance settings that are ideal for beginner and intermediate users alike.


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