How Much Do Home Cross Trainers Usually Cost? Find Out Here!

October 26, 2020
Acacia Crossley

Gyms have always been a source of anxiety for far too many people and so more often than not, exercise is a habit that they just keep putting off. That is why home cross trainers are becoming more and more popular.

Not only are they easy to use, but they also offer a variety of health benefits so that you can get fit without the added gym anxiety. But what is the price for such benefits and are they worth it?

Why Choose A Cross Trainer?

There is no doubt that there is an overwhelming amount of home gym equipment on the market these days. With everyone leading such busy lives and not having the time to go to the gym, home equipment has increasingly become the go-to exercise outlet. So why are cross trainers the equipment you should be spending your money on?

Unlike a treadmill or exercise bike, a cross trainer aims to work both your upper body and your lower body. In order to move the legs of the equipment, you have to pump your arms providing an aerobic based workout. In a way, it imitates a running motion just without the discomfort that some people experience with running.

Due to the fact that cross trainers are aimed to provide low impact aerobic exercises, it means that anyone can use these machines. If you are not able to put much pressure on your knees or on your shoulders then these are a good option for you. Likewise, if you are new to the gym game then cross trainers are a good place to start.

What Do You Need To Look Out For?

While the basic point of a home cross trainer is a full-body exercise in the comfort of your own home, most brands have added features that sometimes means that the basics are overlooked. So before you go out buying whatever cross trainer is the cheapest, here are a few things you need to look out for so that you do not end up wasting your money.


The newer, more modern home fit trainers will include a variety of programmes so that you can have the option to vary your workout without having to buy a load of home exercise equipment.

Not only will a larger number of programmes fend off repetitive workout boredom, but by changing up your workout routine, you will challenge your body in new ways and continue to benefit from the exercise that a cross trainer can provide. You may also feel more motivated to work out if you mix things up every other day.

If you do not vary your work out routine then your body will get used to the exercise you are doing and the chances are that you will hit a dead-end in your physical health improvement journey. The more programme variety that your cross trainer provides, the more variety you can include in your workout so that you can achieve the best results from your fitness goals.

Added Resistance

As well as looking out for the range of programmes provided, you will also want to question the different levels of resistance that a cross trainer can offer. Much like with the programs, the more resistance levels that are included, the more variety you can include in your workout.

The resistance levels on a home cross trainer work in very much the same way as the incline levels on a treadmill or resistance levels on an exercise bike. The higher the resistance, the harder it will be to keep pushing your legs and arms forward and the more intense your work out will become.

Many beginners who are getting into working out for the first time should keep an eye out for the levels of resistance as it will mean that your home gym equipment can grow with you while you improve your physical fitness. You can start out on a low level of resistance and slowly build yourself up so that your body is continuously challenged and does not hit that plateau.

Comfortable Design

There is nothing worse than using a piece of equipment that makes your uncomfortable from the get go, or has random parts sticking out all over the place making it annoying to use. Likewise, you should be able to adjust your home equipment to meet your own comfort levels so that you are more motivated to work out.

When you are shopping for your own home cross trainer, you should make sure that you can easily manoeuvre the arms and legs of the equipment without anything getting in the way. You should also look to see how customisable the equipment is so that you can change it to your liking.

With cross trainers, this customisation may come in the form of being able to adjust the angle of the platform or the maximum distance of which you can move the arms and legs.

As for the overall design, you should make sure that the machine is as stable as it can be. Stability in cross trainers come from the footprint size which needs to be bigger if you plan on higher intensity workouts. You will also be more comfortable if the main material used for a cross trainer is metal as it will make the equipment heavier and therefore less likely to topple over at the slightest movement.

How Much Does A Cross Trainer Typically Cost?

With such a variety of customizable features that brands can tinker with and include, it is no surprise that there is such a large price range when it comes to home cross trainers. However, that being said, when looking for a cross trainer specifically for your home, you will be paying out between £300 - £6000.

Just like with any product, usually the higher the price, the more features that will be included. This will mean that you get a larger range of resistant levels and a bigger variety of programmes to choose from to add into your aerobic workout.

Although, that is not to say that you can not experience just as many benefits from a lower end cross trainer. It really does just depend on what the manufacturer has decided to prioritise with their product.

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